Choosing A Collection To Invest In Can Be Challenging

Stop missing out on gains with Brandz NFT Pass

Why Brandz NFT's?

With so many new NFT collections dropping, it can be overwhelming to choose just 1 or 2 to invest in. For the first time ever with Brandz NFT membership cards, holder are presented with the opportunity to spread their investment between various projects. Brandz verified collections ensure that the projects you choose to support are also supporting you!

TLDR; Why invest in 1 project when you can invest in many??

Partnered Projects


livvinyl Progressive Media Marketing






Launch Brandz NFT membership cards

Allow community members to mint to mint/trade BRANDZ cards on the Opensea NFT Marketplace. Cards will provide % returns to holders based on the market performance of items associated with the minted rarity level

Five Dollar Club

- Forever Lotto Ticket
- Rewards and dividends paid out to one lucky winner
- Monthly Draws

Business Consultation/Growth

We will be providing customers and businesses consultations and holders will receive percentage and airdrops from this!!

Phase 4

development and deployment of subsidiary high value NFT projects.

Details and FAQ

How does Brandz decide which projects to partner with?

Brandz intends to partner with only the best brands. Each project/brand will be going through a screening phase done by our team. We want to provide our holders with only the best and plan to do so by partnering with brands that offer true value.

Why should I invest in Brandz NFT membership?

Simple question, simple answer. By owning a Brand Pass not only are you investing in a strong and determined team but you are getting your one stop shot to ownership off multiple projects under the same umbrella.

How many NFT's are there in each tier?

100 PLATINUM Edition
900 GOLD Edition
4000 BLACK Edition

What happens if I trade my membership?

Thats perfectly fine. We welcome everyone to trade/sell their Brands Pass. Just make sure you don’t regret it when everyones collecting their Perks… :)